Details for Participation in Daily Mass

We are very excited to announce that effective Tuesday June 2nd, 2020 Daily Mass will return to Stella Maris Parish in limited fashion.

Please understand that as our parish works to remain compliant with guidance from the Diocese as well as state and local authorities, these plans are very dynamic and likely to change with little notice. With that in mind and a spirit of Christian Charity we request your patience as we work diligently to keep you safe and informed as things evolve.  It is clear that many have been longing to return to the Mass for quite some time now however, this has to be done safely out of respect for all parishioners and guests of Stella Maris Parish.  

Please know that at this time, your participation is entirely your personal decision as dispensation from Bishop Ricken remains in place.

Below is information extracted from the Parishioner Guidelines published by The Diocese of Green Bay on May 12, 2020.  Please read and familiarize yourself with them prior to requesting participation in our Daily Mass opportunities. 

** It is important to remember no Catholic is required to receive Holy Communion during the pandemic. Permission is for those who desire to receive Holy Communion and can safely do so. Those age 65 or above and those with compromised immunity are encouraged to stay home.

** In Christian Charity, anyone with a fever, cough or flu-like symptoms should remain at home so as to prevent further spread of the illness. Those wishing to participate in daily Mass will have their temperature taken to ensure they are not running a fever, and we are requesting that all wear a protective mask, observe social distancing and practice proper hand washing hygiene.

** No more than 25% of site capacity may be gathered in the worship space at any one time.

** This parish will carefully observe civil law and public health guidelines. Social distancing will be strictly enforced.

** During daily Mass only the Precious Body will be distributed. Low-gluten hosts will be available for those persons in need. Please notify the usher at time of entry if this is necessary.

** During the pandemic all are strongly encouraged to receive in the hand. Those who receive in the hand should consume their consecrated host in the presence of the minister. Those who elect receive on the tongue are asked to open their mouths wide and tilt the head back slightly.

** Consecrated hosts may not be taken outside of the church during this time without prior approval from Father Tom.

** Only up to eight persons and the distributing minister may be in the church at one time, which includes any usher directing the Communion line. Markings on the floor will indicate six feet apart to preserve social distancing for the Communion line.

** Communicants are expected to wear masks which may be removed or adjusted for the reception of Holy Communion. The priest or other minister must also wear a mask. Hand hygiene is effective against the coronavirus, and therefore, gloves are not needed if the priest or minister and the communicant perform proper hand hygiene.

** Anyone outside the church doors should maintain 6-feet social distancing between parishioners who are not related or living together.

** Doors will be propped open to eliminate contact. Hand sanitizer will be available and should be used as people enter and exit the church.

** Parishioners may not stop or stay after the final blessing, it is necessary to exit the church immediately.

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