Our Invitation

Welcome to our parish!  Welcome also to learning more about how our parish works and what makes our community the vibrant experience that it is.  We feel good about what is happening here and hope that you can discover the same enrichment if you decide to become involved. Our parish as a combination of 5 former parishes and the Catholic community on Washington Island is fairly new (founded in 2005) but the Catholic presence in this area goes back centuries when the first missionaries evangelized, creating the first disciples of Jesus Christ in the area.  In some ways, we do not live in that different of a setting than the people of that time.  Those who claim to be Christian are becoming fewer in number.  Those who are very committed are also shrinking.  At the same time, in the last 50 years, the opportunities for involvement in the church as a whole have increased and in the last 10 years the lay ministry options within our parish have expanded greatly.  Although more lay ministry has been created, the ministry has the same focus as the early missionaries had.  Our parish is focused on developing disciples who can evangelize people.  We want followers of Jesus who can help to recruit and include more followers of Jesus within our community.

 Within this section of the website you will find many opportunities for you to not only become a part of our parish but also to grow as a disciple.  We are optimistic that the different types of opportunities will be helpful to you in your spiritual journey.  Hopefully, you will grow in your prayer and spiritual life as you take advantage of our spiritual, sacramental and liturgical ministries.  We also hope that you will grow in your mental knowledge of the faith and holy wisdom for putting that faith into practice personally and socially as you involve yourself in faith formation activities.  We hope that you will find groups which give you fellowship, community and intimate connections while also finding means of reaching out to those in need whether they are within our parish community, the local area or even in far flung mission territories.  You may also find ways to express your leadership talents, help with our buildings or cemeteries or the management of our finances.

Additionally, if you find yourself in need and could use help from any one of our ministries, please reach out to the contact listed within the ministry description.