11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Katrina Welborn on 6/13/21

I want to speak to you about stewardship today. I always find it to be a challenge, but I found consolation in today’s readings, as they seem to promote the sharing our first fruits. Our first reading is from the prophet Ezekiel who proclaims to the people: Thus says the ... Read More »

Corpus Christi (The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ)

Posted by Katrina Welborn on 6/09/21

I found it interesting how both the Old and New Testaments speak about Covenant. In our 1st Reading from Exodus, Moses relates to the Israelites all the words and ordinances of the Lord to which they answer with one voice We will do everything the lord had told us. Moses then wrote down everything the lord said and - early the ... Read More »

Trinity Sunday

Posted by Katrina Welborn on 6/02/21

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Trinity. The Sign of the Cross reenforces our belief in a triune God. The sign of the cross is a prayer. Did you ever think about that? Every time we call upon the Father and the Son and the ... Read More »


Posted by Katrina Welborn on 6/02/21

I ask that you pray with me as we call upon the Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of the faithful and enkindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created, and you shall renew the face of the earth. O God ... Read More »

6th Sunday of Easter

Posted by Katrina Welborn on 5/12/21

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells his disciples “As the Father Loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love.” At one of my former parishes, we sent out a quarterly Newsletter, known as the pulse referring to the concerns of the people as the heartbeat of the community. When I was in seminary ... Read More »

5th Sunday in Easter

Posted by Katrina Welborn on 5/02/21

Most of us make every attempt to be with people we trust. We want to be with people who are credible and make us feel safe. When Jesus sent his Apostles out two by two, they felt a strong sense of security because they had gotten to know each ... Read More »

4th Sunday in Easter

Posted by Katrina Welborn on 5/02/21

This Sunday’s Gospel presents us with one of the most beloved images in the Bible, the image of the Shepherd. All throughout the scriptures we read about shepherds keeping watch over their sheep. The most beautiful image of a shepherd for me is Jesus carrying a lamb over his shoulders. ... Read More »

2nd Sunday in Easter

Posted by Katrina Welborn on 5/02/21

Our first reading from the Acts of the Apostles says the community of believers was of one heart and one mind. What a beautiful description of people who care for each other. Today we celebrate the 2nd Sunday of Easter known as Divine Mercy Sunday so we too can come to know ... Read More »

Easter Sunday!

Posted by Katrina Welborn on 4/07/21

On behalf of Deacon Tony, the Parish Staff and myself, I would like to extend to everyone a very Blessed Easter. I wonder what it was like that 1st Easter morning? What made it different from other mornings? As I was thinking about the different mornings I experienced, I thought ... Read More »

5th Sunday of Lent

Posted by Katrina Welborn on 3/21/21

The Gospel today presents a kind of paradox as we look at emptying ourselves in order to become full or dying so that we might live. Jesus tells us his hour has come, an hour that he has been waiting for, an hour seemingly contrary to an hour most people wait for as they prepare for an ... Read More »


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