Good Friday 2023

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 4/11/23

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!

It’s Friday. The women are crying. Peter’s denying. But Sunday is coming.It’s Friday. The leaders are chiding. The disciples are hiding. But Sunday iscoming.It’s Friday. The soldiers are beating. Jesus is bleeding. But Sunday is coming.It’s Friday. Jesus is walking, stumbling, falling. The crowd ... Read More »

Fourth Sunday of Lent 2023

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 3/20/23

Today’s readings are all about judgement and not being able to see as God sees. In our 1st reading Samuel is sent to Bethlehem to choose a king from one of Jesse’s sons when Samuel arrives he sees his oldest son and believes he’s the one the lord has chosen but the lord ... Read More »

Second Sunday of Lent 2023

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 3/06/23

What is it about Mountains?

I love mountain top experiences!

What is it about mountains that make us feel the majesty and power of God?  Is it that we are closer to Heaven?  Or that we can see for miles and miles? Or that we can leave our cares behind?

Some great mountain top experiences Jenny Wiley State Park in Eastern Kentucky – over looking Dewey Lake. Sven’s Bluff in Peninsula State Park in Door County – over looking Green Bay The mountains above Sabaneta in the Dominican ... Read More »

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time 2.19.23

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 2/25/23

Love Your Enemy

“May those who love us, love us;And for those who don't love us,May God turn their hearts;And if He doesn't turn their hearts,May He turn their ankles,So we will know them by their limping.”

― Old Irish Curse

Story of St. Patrick – Feast Day coming up ... Read More »

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time 1.22.23

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 1/24/23

Encounter, Follow, Worship, Share


Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

What would make Peter, Andrew, James and John drop everything and follow Jesus?

They more than met him – They encountered him.

An encounter stops you in your tracks.  It grabs your attention – ... Read More »

Christmas 2022

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 12/24/22

On behalf of Dcn, Tony the parish staff and on behalf of the many inches of newly fallen snow I wish all of you a very blessed and white Christmas. I guess most people will not be dreaming of a white Christmas because it’s already white. There are many ... Read More »

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 9/27/22

Catechetical Sunday was actually last week but we had to launch our ‘one by one’ campaign, so we are celebrating it this week. Catechetical Sunday is the time for all Catholics to rededicate themselves to the mission of passing on the faith. We thank all Catechists who volunteered last ... Read More »

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 9/14/22

Me on Your Mind

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing on September 11, 2001? Do you remember what you were feeling? 

My Story – 6th grade camp – parents contacting us – just because they wanted their kids near them – Gathered the kids ... Read More »

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 9/14/22

Get Used to Different

The question is not, “Is Jesus calling me?”You are here.  He is calling you?The question is, “To what is Jesus calling me?”

I hear you, Jesus. And I will follow you – as long as you do not ask too much of me.An hour per week ... Read More »

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 7/28/22

Do you remember when someone interceded for you or spoke on your behalf, how grateful you were? To plead on one’s behalf is what it means to be an intercessor. I remember my dad pleading with my mom so my sisters and I didn’t have to do the dishes one night and ... Read More »


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