2023 archive of Homilies

2023 archive of Homilies

Second Sunday of Advent 12.10.23

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 12/13/23

Come Jesus Come

It is the second Sunday of Advent.  We light the “Peace Candle”

Yet this week, there were two more mass shootings in Texas and another at the University of Las Vegas.


Come Jesus Come – Stephen McWhirter

Sometimes I fall – to my knees and pray

Come Jesus come – Let today be the ... Read More »

Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time 11.19.23

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 11/27/23

Well done, my good and faithful servant!

Come and share your master’s joy.

These are the words that we want to hear from our God when this life is over.

As we get to the end of another church year, our readings focus on the end times.

Now I ... Read More »

Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time 10.8.23

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 10/13/23

How’s your Vineyard?

How’s your vineyard?  You look puzzled!  We’ll come back to that question.

The readings today involve two vineyards – There is a poem about one and a parable about another. 

First, the poem:  In the second half of the 8th century BC, the northern kingdom fell ... Read More »

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 8.13.23

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 8/15/23

Never will I leave you!

How beautiful those words are!Bailey and Max – thunder storm -- Imagine a child, frightened by a storm at nightand the parent comes to her room and says, I am here, don’t be afraid, I will protectyou, I won’t ever leave you.Imagine a woman ... Read More »

The Most Holy Trinity 2023

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 6/10/23


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – Amen. Most commonly recognized sign of our faith. Batter steps into the batter’s box – but before he takes his stance - + Basketball player steps up to the free throw line, ... Read More »

5th Sunday of Easter

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 6/10/23

Cornerstone – Way, Truth, Life

I love these readings during the Easter season.  They give us an insight into the earliest days of the Church. 

What was it like for the apostles and disciples after Jesus rose from the dead – as they were realizing that he was who ... Read More »

Good Friday 2023

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 4/11/23

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!

It’s Friday. The women are crying. Peter’s denying. But Sunday is coming.It’s Friday. The leaders are chiding. The disciples are hiding. But Sunday iscoming.It’s Friday. The soldiers are beating. Jesus is bleeding. But Sunday is coming.It’s Friday. Jesus is walking, stumbling, falling. The crowd ... Read More »

Fourth Sunday of Lent 2023

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 3/20/23

Today’s readings are all about judgement and not being able to see as God sees. In our 1st reading Samuel is sent to Bethlehem to choose a king from one of Jesse’s sons when Samuel arrives he sees his oldest son and believes he’s the one the lord has chosen but the lord ... Read More »

Second Sunday of Lent 2023

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 3/06/23

What is it about Mountains?

I love mountain top experiences!

What is it about mountains that make us feel the majesty and power of God?  Is it that we are closer to Heaven?  Or that we can see for miles and miles? Or that we can leave our cares behind?

Some great mountain top experiences Jenny Wiley State Park in Eastern Kentucky – over looking Dewey Lake. Sven’s Bluff in Peninsula State Park in Door County – over looking Green Bay The mountains above Sabaneta in the Dominican ... Read More »

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time 2.19.23

Posted by Kevin Revolinski on 2/25/23

Love Your Enemy

“May those who love us, love us;And for those who don't love us,May God turn their hearts;And if He doesn't turn their hearts,May He turn their ankles,So we will know them by their limping.”

― Old Irish Curse

Story of St. Patrick – Feast Day coming up ... Read More »


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