From Our Bishop and The Diocese of Green Bay

AN UPDATE FROM THE DIOCESE REGARDING HOLY COMMUNION - On Friday May 15th, guidance was delivered by the Diocese of Green Bay concerning the distribution of Holy Communion outside of Mass. Click Here for a video message from Bishop Ricken or Click Here to read the press release.  For parishioner guidelines during the distribution of Holy Communion outside of Mass Click Here.  Please familiarize yourself with the the guidelines lined above.  At this time plans and procedures are being developed to begin on May 30th/31st - Pentecost Weekend.  In order to best maintain a safe and user friendly environment only one worship site will be utilized. This site is yet to be determined and more details will follow.  Stay tuned to the website for further updates. 

LOOKING FOR FAMILY RESOURCES FOR RELIGIOUS EDUCATION? - Our Diocese has put together a few family resources to assist you with religious education from home.  Click Here to view them.

SPIRITUAL, STATE AND LOCAL RESOURCES FROM THE DIOCESE  - The Diocese of Green Bay has assembled a number of important resources in response to the Coronavirus crisis including Diocesan communications, Livestream(Computer) Mass calendars and links, Television Mass times and Radio Mass times, Spiritual and Ministry Resources, Event cancellation and postponement notifications, and National, State and Local Health Department links. Click Here to visit them.

AN INVITE FROM OUR BISHOP - As leaders of our families, Bishop Ricken has invited us to Pray to St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church during this difficult time.  Click Here for the prayer card.